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Shower Remodeling – When Less Is More

Shower Remodeling

“US Home Remodeling & Build-In Company,” are what you’ll see on the web when you do a search on Shower Remodeling. You’ll also find the company’s website in the search engine result pages. “We offer unmatched innovation, quality, design, and customer service,” says Greg Biffle, director of business development for US Home Remodeling. “Since we began in 1985, we have grown from a small, single proprietor outfit to a world-class, internationally recognized company serving both residential and commercial clients. We have remodeled the homes of tens of thousands of customers, creating custom enclosures and showers that are functional and are truly unique.


The first step to take when considering Shower Remodeling is deciding whether you need a new shower or just a shower repair. Some of the things that you will want to look at before choosing a custom shower remodel include: the size of the shower area; whether you want a custom-made, one-of-a-kind shower; or whether you just want your old shower to be renovated into something better. If you have a large shower area, consider a custom floor plan to ensure that you won’t be losing space by adding or rearranging fixtures. Also, if your bathroom design calls for recessed lighting, be sure to examine the existing fixture. Make certain it will work with your newly planned lighting scheme.


You may also be able to get away with a few simple fixes to your shower instead of a custom floor plan. For example, if you have uneven flooring, consider replacing the tile on your shower floor with a special epoxy resin tile that is durable and long-lasting. Epoxy resins are available at most home improvement stores. Another way to save money on the installation of a new shower is to do it yourself.


Many people don’t think to include labor costs in their budget for remodeling showers. But in fact, when you add up all the labor costs for installing a new shower, including hiring a plumber and electrician, you could be looking at a sizable bill. Plus, if you aren’t skilled at the technical aspects of laying tile or making bathtub surrounds, you might end up hiring more people than you need to fill out your job schedule. It’s usually a good idea to do as much of the shower remodeling yourself as possible to save money. When you consider the amount of time it takes to tile, build a surround, and install a full bathtub yourself, it makes sense to save time by doing the easy stuff yourself.


Shower Remodeling is expensive because you have to get quotes from professional contractors, find the materials, pay for labor, and make sure the entire project is done correctly. But it’s also expensive because you have to keep up with remodel prices on materials like tile, soapstone, and other bathtub accessories every year. Getting good quotes will help you stay within your budget and allow you to choose the items you want, so you can do more of the work yourself.


Don’t take on the entire project yourself unless you’re certain that you’re up to the challenge. And even then, if you do a poor job, you may end up with a huge water damage bill that eats into your profits. It’s much better to get a professional to remodel your shower and bathtub and give you the results you desire, rather than try to do it yourself and possibly cost you more. Getting quality tradesman to install your tubs and showers can really make a difference, especially if they offer a warranty on labor and materials, since you won’t have to worry about any hidden labor costs.